At B.C. Hotels S. A., we work to guarantee quality services to our guests, foreign and domestic clients complying with their expectations and gaining their loyalty through our commitment with the quality and warmth of the Lodging, Food & Beverage, Banquet, Recreation, Security, and Laundry services. We look after the personal and professional development of our associates, maximizing the profitability of our shareholders and associates—always committed with the sustainable development of the environment and supporting initiatives of the communities where we are present.



By 2020 B.C. Hotels S.A. shall be recognized for offering high quality services and first-class amenities at each one of its facilities, supported by efficient operational processes focused on the sustainable development of its environs.



It is our priority to meet the needs of our guests and clients, offering a quality service with warmth in accordance with international hotel standards. Our processes are designed to adapt with flexibility to the evolution of the market, contributing thus to the continuous improvement of our Management System.



At Hotel Almirante Cartagena Colombia B.C. Hotels S.A., we are committed with the adoption and adherence to the behavior code and to preclude the sexual utilization and exploitation of boys, girls and adolescents in the tourism activity, complying with Laws 1329, 599, 1453, 1236 and Resolution 3840, developing prevention and educational activities for our guests, visitors, contractors, and officials in procuring the sustainable development of our milieu and the continuous improvement of our social fabric.

At B.C. Hotels S.A. we are committed to the control and minimization of the environmental, socio-cultural, and economic impact generated by our activities by complying with the legal framework currently in effect, and undertaking prevention and education activities in sustainability for our guests, associates, providers, and stakeholders—always seeking to ensure the sustainable operation of our objectives and the continuous improvement of our Management System.