Typical food of the Pacific region

Platos típicos de la región pacifica

The Colombian Pacific region includes several coasts and bays that help its cuisine to be positioned as the best if it comes to preparing dishes with seafood, fish and various seafood. We invite you to know some of the most delicious typical food of the region, which you will surely want to taste.


  • The crab soup


If you wanted to taste the crab but have not yet dared, this dish could be the perfect excuse for you to do it. The combination of crab with ingredients such as vegetables, tomatoes, garlic, parsley, peppers or onions, oil and salt, is perfect if you want to feel the essence of the Pacific region in soups, grills or salads. Without a doubt, the crab is an ingredient that cannot be missed at the tables of the Colombian Pacifi families.


  • Seafood casserole


The seafood casserole can not be missing from the Pacific coast menu. With this dish you can taste an exquisite variety of flavors, as its main ingredients are shrimp, chopped fish, parsley, coriander and cream of milk. It is ideal to share a traditional lunch with those who accompany you.


  • Bocachico in coconut juice


This is a traditional food of the Colombian Pacific, particularly in Chocó Department. The preparation consists of fish cooked in coconut milk with spices. The Bocachico in coconut juice is usually accompanied with vegetables, potatoes, arepa or cassava, foods typical of the Pacific Region.


  • Catfish Casserole

In addition to being delicious, this dish has a very simple preparation. It’s enough to simmer a type of fish called Catfish with condiments typical of the region and is usually accompanied by milk cream to give it more texture.


These are just some of the typical dishes of the Pacific coast that you can find if you let yourself be surprised with the magic Colombian cuisine. At Almirante Cartagena Hotel we have the best food to make your experience in Colombia better than you ever dreamed.



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