Typical food of the Caribbean region

The food of the Colombian Caribbean Region always manages to surprise with its exquisite variety of flavors, this is due to its excellent geographical position and the fertility of its soils; that allow to cultivate fruits and vegetables, of course also, to the diversity of species that the Caribbean Sea delivers.


Below, you will find some typical dishes that you will not be able to resist:


– Fish cracklings


This is a practical, simple and delicious dish. The ingredients are white fish fillets fried with wheat flour and crispy texture. This dish have other ingredientes such as: salt, pepper and a few drops of lemon too.


Sancocho Costeño


This is a typical dish that can not miss in the families of the Caribbean region. The preparation may vary according to the area, but it often contains one type of meat or several, so there is a great inclination for  the Creole chicken. The other ingredients that can not miss are: corn, green or ripe banana, cassava, potato, tomato, onion and garlic.


Seafood casserole


There are a lot of variety of species into the Colombian Caribbean Sea. It allows that Seafood casserole contains fresh ingredients such as octopus, oysters, shrimp, prawns, among others. This is a dish that you can distinguish by creaminess texture and excellent presentation.


– Rice with coconut

This sweet and sour dish can be served with meats and fish, especially fried fish. It is also an excellent option to combine with a delicious fried banana.


– Viuda de Bocachico

The bocachico is finded into the Magdalena River. The preparation is very easy, first you must put the fish under the sun and then add these ingredientes: cob, cassava, arracacha and banana. Its flavor is really exquisite.


There are some typical delicious dishes that you can find if you visit the Colombian Caribbean region. Of course, the Hotel Almirante Cartagena thinks about you, for that reason offer you the best restaurants to delight these exquisite dishes that represent a great Colombian tradition.

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