Typical food of the Andean region

typical food of the andean region - almirante cartagena hotel

The mixed cultures in  the Andean region makes its cuisine diverse and attractive. For that reason, we invite you to know some of these typical dishes, which you will want to taste as soon as possible:


– Changua

This is a dish that you can not ignore, because it is a combination between water, milk, salt and egg, without a doubt the flavor is so delicious. There is a custom of adding bread into this mixture to soften the texture, however, it is optional according to the taste of each person.


– Tamales

This delicious dish contains exquisite ingredients that you can not resist. It is the mixture between a rice dough and various types of meat such as: chicken, beef, pork, and some grains such as: peas, beans, lentils, and others. The presentation is unmistakable because the ingredients mixture are wrapped in a banana leaf.


– Caldo de costilla

This exquisite dish is known as «dead lifter», because exist a tradition that it is the best remedy for hangover. The dish can not miss at breakfast, and usually is accompanied by arepa or bread. The flavor is so attractive, can be defined as a typical element of Colombian cuisine.


Bandeja paisa

This is one of the most representative dish of the Andean region. The dish contains a wide variety of ingredientes such as beans, white rice, pork rinds, fried eggs, avocado and arepas.


Without a doubt, these typical dishes of the Colombian Andean region make people fall in love with the delicious taste. For that reason, we invite you to know the variety dishes that Colombia offers you.



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