Typical dishes of the Orinoquia region

Typical dishes of the Orinoquia region - Hotel Almirante

Colombian cuisine is one of the most desired by the perfect combination of flavors. In the
Orinoco river basin, for example, multiple dishes that are born converge thanks to the diversity
of flora and fauna of this region. We invite you to meet and be surprised with the best
traditional traditional dishes:


  • Creole Pavilion: The Creole Pavilion is one of the traditional Orinoco dishes that you cannot
    miss. It consists of meat in megabytes, white rice, black beans, bananas and white cheese. It is
    an ideal dish to share in family gatherings.


  •  Tatuco: This dish is recognized for its particular cooking technique where the heat of the fire is used to boil inside a hole made in the ground. The meat of a veal, and the chigüiro are special ingredients that give a special flavor not only to this dish, but in general to traditional llanera food.


  •  Hallacas: These delicious wraps are made up of a dough stuffed with beef, pork, chicken, vegetables, raisins, nuts and capers; typically wrapped in a banana leaf tied with pita.


These and other typical Colombian dishes can be found at the Hotel Almirante Cartagena,
because we want you to live the best experience trying the best combination of flavors from

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